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AIN'T SINGING NO BLUES People often ask me, come on can't you sing some blues? / Now I don't play grunge 'cause it gets me all depressed / And I don't hard rock 'cause heavy metal hurts my head / I can't rock and roll as often as I used to do / I don't hip hop and I ain't singing no blues/ Now techno teeny bop sorry but it ain't my scene / I'm too white to rap, not tan enough to R&B / But I'll strum a little reggae, country and calypso too /Just one thing buddy I ain't singin' no blues

Ain't singin' no blues, ain't singin' no blues / I got wind in my sails and a fish on my line / And sand in my old boat shoes / Ain't singin' no blues

So you don't hear my songs playing on the radio / And I've never had a hit, but hey that's how it goes / Some folks tell me it's time to change my tune / Why worry mon, I ain't singin' no blues / Ain't singin' no blues, ain't singin' no blues / So you don't see me on MTV and my name ain't making the news/ Ain't singing no blues

Got a pretty wife and a couple of kids / Life don't ever get better than this / I don't have fortune, I don't have fame / No biggie I can't complain / I'm the guy with the guitar underneath the old palm tree / And if I don't sing blues don't blame it on me / I'm just laughing and loving, living on island time / Dancing through life like a one man conga line

Ain't singin' no blues, ain't singin' no blues / Got this old guitar and a girl by my side / She loves me simple and true / Ain't singin' no blues / Ain't singing no blues / Ain't singing no blues / I got a sunburned soul and a permanent smile and you know my troubles are few / Ain't singing no blues / Chill out buddy, I ain't singing no blues / Don't worry, be happy / I ain't singing no blues 

DON'T IT MAKE YOU WANDER (Rob Mehl) Some of my friends have told me that I seem to lack ambition / Though I try to explain that I search for the meaning of life when I'm deep sea fishing / All they say I really need is a good sense of direction / So I opened up the morning paper and I pulled out the travel section / And I said North, South, East, West? / Which direction do you think is best? / Don't tell me I'm not prepared for life / I got a current passport and a Swiss Army knife

CHORUS: Don't it make you wander / Don't it make you wander / Do you ever wander?/ I wander sometimes / Don't it make you wander

I was sitting at home one night and I was watching the Outdoor Channel / You know I can't get excited about going somewhere if I have to wear something flannel / Next was a show about tropic beaches, I like what I'm seeing / Next thing I know I find myself on the way to the Caribbean / And I say fly, sail, sail, fly? / Blue of the sea or blue of the sky / Don't tell me I don't know where I'm going / ‘Cause my ticket says anywhere the wind is blowing / REPEAT CHORUS

Dreamers often see things that some folks never see / But they often blur the line between fact and fantasy / Poets often ponder but they seldom count the cost / Just because I wander doesn't mean I'm lost / REPEAT CHORUS


YOU A few laughs, a couple beers, casual conversation / Acting like it's no big deal but inside this old heart's racing / ‘Cause you do that to me / And I can't hold back any longer / It's beyond my control and starting to show / But I still ain't ever told you

Girl I know we're just good friends but could I make this one confession / I must admit you had me at that very first impression / ‘Cause you sure get to me / And I can't hold back any longer / It's beyond my control and starting to show / But I still ain't ever told you

Lately I've been wondering about the cure for this condition / I think I found the answer, is it so out of the question / ‘Cause every time I think I've got my thoughts all put together / You walk in the room and suddenly I'm more messed up than ever / Cause you do that to me / And I can't hold back any longer / It's beyond my control and starting to show / But I still ain't ever told you / It's beyond my control and everybody knows / But til now I never told you


BESAME BABY Sometimes you just don't understand a single thing I'm trying to say / Some things are hard to comprehend when all these words get in the way / Blame it on my accent, tell me I'm just some crazy gringo / But tonight it's all so clear / If we want to go the distance we gotta start right here

CHORUS: Besame baby, abrazame fuerte / You sure drive me crazy, when you tease me like you do / So pucker up and close your eyes / And press those pretty red lips to mine / Besame baby

Sometimes you still don't have a clue / No matter how hard you try / You want to see inside my head / You wanna know what's on my mind / It's really fairly simple, I'm not all that complicated / It's so easy to explain / Come a little closer and let me show you what I mean / REPEAT CHORUS

No doubt about it we've got something going on / Now you smile at me that way / Call it wishful thinking but did I just hear you say / REPEAT CHORUS


THIS OLD BEACH TOWN The sun comes up, the sun goes down / There's something about this old beach town / Just outside my window I can hear the sounds of a big old rusty shrimper slowly heading out / Diesel engine whining, destination way out there / Slowly fading out of sight

It's the first day of the season, and it's always been this way / This sleepy boardwalk comes to life if only for a day / And the fathers hug their children and the girls all wave goodbye / Suddenly that last boat disappears / A gentle breeze starts to blow / Smiling faces say hello / The sun comes up the sun goes down / There's something about this old beach town

Lots of people say this place is way past her prime / More pesos than dollars, more nickels than dimes / Half the bars that line these beaches are boarded up and falling down / Beer cans scattered outside the doors / Now they're talking about some big hotels and a golf course by the sea / But where that money's coming / That's the mystery / So for now these shores are lined with shacks and weathered panga boats / Things around here never seem to change / The pace of life slows to a crawl / But no one seems to mind at all / The tide comes up, the tide goes down / There's something about this old beach town

Now they're emptying out the freezers and sweeping off the decks / And heading for the boardwalk for a taste of what they've missed / And the barmaids and waitresses they'll be raking in the tips / And the beer will flow like water all night long / If it weren't for some crustacean, the one they call pink gold / They would have moved off to the city instead of putting life on hold / Like this one forgotten gringo whose skin has turned to brown / Think I'll take a walk down to the shore / Feel the salt upon my skin / Watch the waves come rolling in / The sun comes up, the sun goes down / There's something about this old beach town


JOURNEY AROUND THE SUN I walked in through the door of a pawnshop / And walked out with my future in my hands / That first guitar would change my path forever / And take me places I had never planned / That day I took her home and opened up the case / Tuned her up and played me my first song / On this journey around the sun, still trying to find my way / And I haven't yet begun to figure out what's going on / I've wandered and I've strayed and wasted so much time / But Happy New Years Day, another circle's just begun / Another trip, another journey around the sun

I look back on that church up on Seventh Street / And the altar boy that I once used to be / Now me and God have frequent conversations / Even when I'm not down on my knees / In a bar, or on a boat or on some hidden beach / I'm not alone wherever I may be / On this journey around the sun, just trying to make it back / To the place where I come from, ‘cause there's a man I wanna see / I've wandered and I've strayed and wasted so much time / But today's a brand new day, and my traveling's just begun / It's a trip, this journey around the sun

Round and round, round and round we go / Where we stop only Heaven knows / We came into this world bald and barefoot / And some of us haven't come that far / Maybe ‘cause we're spinning around in circles / We eventually get back to where we are / So here's to love, here's to our families / Here's to just how good this life can be / On this journey around the sun, we're all trying to find our way / And we haven't yet begun to figure out what's going on / We've wandered and we've strayed and wasted so much time / But here we are today, so far it's sure been fun / What a trip, this journey around the sun / It's a trip, this journey around the sun


I WANT TO LOVE YOU LIKE THAT Granddad fell in love with my grandma back in ‘29 / He knew right then she was the one / Now there they are in black and white / And as I wipe the dust off of that page / I know that they're together once again / I would have loved to live back when the world didn't spin so fast / Things were different way back then / Yeah love was meant to last / It was more than just some store bought ring / Those vows they made meant everything

CHORUS I want to love you like that or I don't want to love you at all / Some day I want to look back at a picture hanging up on a wall / And remember how it all began / When I took your hand and said I want to love you / I want to love you like that

One day we stood up before God and everyone we knew / I gave my word ,you gave your heart / And we softly said I do / With a promise to live faithfully for not a day less than eternity / So here we are now me and you raising two kids of our own / We've done the best that we can do to make this house into a home / Our kids will meet someone someday / And when they look at us I hope that they will say / REPEAT CHORUS

DOWN IN PARADISE (Brent Burns/Jim Allison) Thought I'd enjoy some time away / Sandy beaches and sunny days / It's as beautiful as they say but I don't want to stay and I'm

CHORUS : Down in paradise / Palm trees swaying and the weather's nice / But you're not here in my arms tonight so I'm down in paradise

Sitting alone in some little café / Watching boats sailing across the bay / This would be the perfect place / The only thing missing is you, and I'm / REPEAT CHORUS

I'm coming home to you ‘cause now I realize / The only heaven for me is right there by your side / REPEAT CHORUS


MEXICO MOONLIGHT The day disappears and the sun softly whispers goodbye /From here on this sand dune I watch as it falls from the sky / There are places beyond the horizon but tonight I don't care / It wasn't ambition, but dreams that once brought me here

CHORUS: Mexico moonlight, it's just you and me / And a soft serenade to the wind and the sea / Mexico moonlight / Where do these summer days go / I just needed one night here alone

There once was a time when my whole world was just this guitar / Now I'm wearing out the strip on the back of my credit card / Life's so complicated and it seems to be more everyday / Til moments like this, when somehow I just steal away / REPEAT CHORUS

Maybe it's magic or maybe it's just peace of mind / But I'm somehow entranced just sitting here watching you shine / REPEAT CHORUS

LOOKING AT YOU That big yellow moon's shining bright / And the stars softly flicker to the rhythm of the night / It's so good to see you again / I've taken some long roads I know / That led towards the distance to places I just had to go / But now that I'm back here with you / There's nothing in the world that I'd rather do, than be

CHORUS: Looking at you, looking at me / Still blows my mind, it's like we're meant to be / When I look into those eyes after all we've been through / And see reflections of me looking at you

Now morning's just hours away / There's so much to tell you, so many things to say / But words simply cannot describe how you've still got my heart in your hands / How I still long to love you again and again and again / We've waited for such a long time / Counting down the moments, now I can't believe that I'm finally / REPEAT CHORUS




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