Our next trip, now filled, will be Jan 26-31, 2017. Like previous trips I've joined OWH on, this promises to be a fulfilling experience, one that affects volunteers just as much as the villagers we serve.

OWH staff and volunteers not only feed the hungry in a remote region where children frequently die of severe malnutrition, but also teach ways to break the cycle of poverty and hunger by teaching more efficient land use, introducing new crops, planting drought-resistant fruit trees, etc. We'll install efficient, indoor cooking stoves that save lives through prevention of smoke inhalation, and water filtration units in places where children vomit worms due to filthy drinking water conditions. We'll share the gospel and live it together as a group for six days. All that and much more.

On recent trips, sponsors also spent time with their sponsored children. Volunteers treated villagers for parasites and provided basic medicine for illnesses and ailments. They provided Bibles to villagers hungry not just for food, but also the Gospel. They visited a medical clinic for hungry children, sometimes on the verge of death, like a little boy who was there when we visited. He was barely over 7 lbs at 4 months old.



And when the work day was done, we had fun, enjoying dinner together, singing, swapping stories and sharing a beverage or two. We spent our last evening relaxing at a hot spring, and an afternoon in the colonial town of Antigua.



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