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TOO MUCH WISHING, NOT ENOUGH FISHING The classified are spread across your coffee table/ With a circle drawn around some ad, says boat for sale/ She's a fisherman's dream, and all you've ever talked about/ But you take a swig, shake your head, and cross it out/ Too much wishing and not enough fishing/ Too many days saying maybe someday while the clock keeps ticking/ You gotta say now every now and then/ Or you're gonna wind up my friend doing too much wishing and not enough fishing

On Dock B that little boat sits in a slip/Signs been up for a week or two but no bites yet/She needs a little work but at this price what a steal/But your wife says honey wait for a better deal/Back to too much wishing and not enough fishing/Too many days saying maybe someday while the clock keeps ticking/You gotta say now every now and then /Or you'll wind up once again doing too much wishing and not enough fishing

Ever since I've known you buddy you've been talking ‘bout that big dream/Now all these years have come and gone, but still the same routine/Always not now, later on, if I could, man I would/The excuses never end/Now that sign says “sold” and you're story's getting old/‘Cause there you go again (Still wishing…)

Not enough nows, too many thens/Too many whys and not enough whens/And too much wishing but not enough fishing/So cast that line and reel one in or your story just might end with too much wishing and not enough fishing


DESTINED TO BE DOWN HERE The only set of footprints on the beach/ They belong to me/ And that's how I like it/If anyone's looking here I am/ Ain't you figured out I never did fit in/ To LA crowds or Las Vegas loud or that fast paced life they're living up there/ I'm an escapee/ A first world refugee / Destined to be down here

A fleet of boats anchored off an island when I was just a kid caught my attention / And the sunset spoke to my soul with a voice that said “Welcome home” to an endless shore just outside my door where the water stretches out to God knows where / And it makes me believe ever since I was conceived I was destined to be down here

So when you tell me you're afraid to drink the water or you're suspicious of the friendly smiles you see / Well sorry but you won't see much of me

Sitting in some hundred dollar shack with a million dollar view / Hey here's to you / Toss my line out and reel one in / Raise my sail and ride the wind / Far from traffic jams, Fox and CNN / All that's just a memory /Tonight it's me and the breeze and a sunset on the sea / I was destined to be where life moves slow / Where I ain't on the go / Where waves break and salt is in the air / Nothing beats that for this old ex-pat /Destined to be down here


WHERE'D MY SUMMER GO It happens every year around this time / Labor Day comes and goes and I find / That my heart starts sinking like the September sun and I tell myself oh no / I swear the month of May was only yesterday /Next thing I know it's where'd my summer go /Those days down by the shore / Toes in the sand, sun on my skin / Just kicking back on the coast /Now the kids are back in school again and reality's sure kickin' in /The beaches are empty, the days are getting short, and the nights will soon be cold / Where'd my summer go

Now a lot of folks are tired of the heat /Call me crazy, but bring on a hundred one degrees /I'd rather bake in the sun than put a sweater on /When it's cold I just can't chill /But October's on the way / Need one more lazy day /Somebody tell me where'd my summer go /Can't life move a little more slow /Can't warm June weather last forever / Can't autumn be postponed / Wish those really long days could last / But the sun's going down too fast /Somebody stop it before it disappears and leaves me here all alone wondering where'd my summer go

They're breaking out sweatshirts and putting on jeans but I still got my swimming suit on / I'm taking one last dip, then I guess I gotta let go /Oh no/ Where'd my summer go / Come on say it isn't so / Miss those UV rays on hot July days / Don't tell me that's all she wrote / But thanks to the weatherman/ Pretty soon we're gonna lose these tans / So what do you say just one more time /Meet me down on the shore Before we say where'd my summer go


BACK TO LAID BACK Don't even know what day it is / That's the kind of day I miss It's been way too long since I had a day like that /Now there's another gray hair on the guy looking at me in the mirror Time to get out of here /It's time for going back /Back to laid back /Back to laid back /Back to the way this boy was born to be /Back to laid back /Back to laid back ‘Cause this stressed out, all about getting ahead guy ain't me

Wasn't all that long ago how we got by I don't know /Must have been on love alone but we sure had a lot of that /Now it seems we're never caught up /They say we gotta have all of this stuff /But me, I've had enough /Just want to box it up and send it all back /Back to laid back /Back to laid back /Before I become what I never want to be /Back to laid back /Back to laid back /‘Cause this always on the run gotta go guy ain't me

So if a brand new car never belongs to us /Or if our house is kind of small, so what / I'd rather take this big long list of things to do /Tear it up and spend my whole day here with you

Back to laid back/ Back to laid back /God knows that's how I'm meant to be/ Back to laid back /Back to laid back /‘Cause this stressed out, all about Getting ahead thing ain't who I am or what I want anymore /Don't even know what day it is / That's the kind of day I miss /Days like this


SONORA SUN Got a buddy of mine who's living up in LA /He's got a 2 story house and a Cadillac Escalade / He likes to call me up whenever he gets drunk /Just to tell me how much he misses the Sonora sun /Sonora sun /Keep shinining on me til the day is done /He says I kick myself for coming back/ They got me running like a maniac /Gotta go before the wife hears me talking this way

Now she's laughing at me ‘cause she doesn't quite understand / How I made it this far in a broken down rusty old van /Fifty bucks doesn't go as far as it used to do /Where would I be if I hadn't run into you /Sonora sun /Keep shining on me til the day is done /Been halfway round the world /Blame a dark eyed girl /Just one kiss had me setting this suitcase down /

Sonora sun/Seems you're always on the tip of my tongue /You know it be a waste of my time /To ever try to get you off of my mind /I sure love how you shine /Sonora sun /Keep shining on me til my days are done /You're more than just my alibi /You're my every reason why /They're shaking their heads and saying that boy's long gone /In the Sonora sun


SON Son, I think it's time you hear this song /Your life has just begun and I hope you don't repeat the stupid things I've done / Son, just like you I once was young / I was crazy I was dumb and not half as bright as you / Son / I should have known one day there'd be some questions /Guess that time has finally come /You want to know about all I did way back when /Back before you ever came along /Son there are those who think they know me / But they've got just part of the story and not the one you're hearing now /Son

You've always looked at me like I'm some kind of hero / You're finding out that isn't true /You're hearing about how I've messed up / Things I wish I'd never done / Mistakes I've made along the way /Thank God I'm where I am today /Who knew I'd ever have the chance to say / You're my son and I'll try not to disappoint you / You see, both of us have grown since the day you came along / Son you make me better than I am /Did you know you're my best friend /Son


WE GOT OUR BEACH BACK We got our beach back / There's a thumbs up from a fisherman on the pier / We got our beach back / My God, the coast is finally clear / Looking past the lighthouse /As far as you can see /There's more pelicans than people /Can you believe we got our beach back /No time share guys hassling anyone / We got our beach back /Those boys with the brochures are gone /We got our beach back /And that feels so good to say /For a little while I thought we'd never see the day /We got our beach back /We don't have to fight that madness any more /There's room for this old beach chair on the shore /Finally space to breathe 'cause you and me got our beach back /This gorgeous stretch of golden sand /Got it all to ourselves once again /Amen /We got our beach back

Wasn't long ago everywhere you turned change was in the air /You'd think this was Cabo /New condos popping up everywhere / Suddenly it happened /Everything went south /Now those real estate signs are rusty and without a doubt we got our beach back / I hear we're dodging bullets me and you /Is that a fact? /Guess I must have missed the evening news / I was ankle deep in water as the sun sank in the sea /While Jim cracked me a cold one smiled and said to me we got our beach back / Here's to that far off anchorman /God bless the guys on CNN /It's true, they ain't got a clue but thanks to them we got our beach back / And it sure is good to walk these shores again/Where the only folks I see are all good friends / And friends we got our beach back

Be careful what you wish for/ 'Cause the day things turn around you'll be looking back on how it used to be /How paradise belonged to you and me /Now who'd believe we got our beach back //So let's enjoy it while we can, me and you /‘Cause one day those crowds will come back too /It's true But until they do /We got our beach back


GOODBYE Al estar contigo me alegre /A tenerte cerca me acostumbre /Ya el taxi viene, asi te vas /Me queda solo un momento /Abrazarte y decir /Goodbye to you / No se que me hiciste tu /Pero mirame hablando asi /Adios a ti / No te olvides nunca de mi / Porque recuerdos, tantos hay Adios, so long, goodbye

You'll always have a place here in my heart / No matter where I go, no matter where you are /I thank you for the joy that you brought to me /For the laughter and the smiles /If it was only for a while /Goodbye to you and a side of me that I never knew / Don't think I'll ever be the same again /Good bye to us /Not really sure what this all was / But at least we had the chance to try / So long, adios, goodbye

Ya sabemos que se acabo /Porque es tan dificil decirte adios /Goodbye to you /No se que me hiciste tu /Pero mirame hablando asi /Goodbye to us /Not really sure what this all was /But I couldn't forget you even if I tried/ So long, adios goodbye


SOMEWHERE UNDER THE SKY Feet dangling, hanging off of the pier /Is this how it looks when God looks into the mirror /A big orange ball descends into the sea / While brush strokes of fire accentuate the scene /Cooped up within four walls too long /Half the time I hear your voice it's on the phone /Round and round, running on a hamster wheel /Been so long I've forgotten how it feels To be somewhere under the sky as the day turns into night /Somewhere under the sky / Sitting here you and I / Somewhere on the edge of a world that somehow will get by/ If the two of us just disappear somewhere under the sky / Somewhere under the sky

Downtown the cars are all jammed in a row / Hands on the wheel, ears glued to the phone / Unaware of the show that's going on /As the garage door goes up, garage door goes down /The horizon's on fire, painted in a thousand shades /Streaks of neon shoot across the bay /Somehow the sea's been hypnotized /While in a split second my soul's been electrified Electrified, somewhere under the sky /Somewhere under the sky, just you and I /Hanging off the edge of a world /That somehow will get by /If the two of us simply disappear /Somewhere under the sky /Somewhere under the sky

You and me on the edge of a world that's destined to get by /If the two of us simply disappear somewhere under the sky


YOU WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HERE You weren't supposed to be here /Why you showed up, I don't know /You could say you crashed my party When you came knocking on my door /Couldn't you see that I was occupied /So many other things to do /There's no time for you in this routine / No space for someone new / What are you doing here? / How did you appear/ My hands are full and I ain't got the time / Well you asked for my reaction /There it is, I can't lie /So how can it be that somehow suddenly All I do is think of you and smile

Ain't it funny how this life is / You think you've got it all planned out /Then just like that your world turns upside down /And you really learn what it's all about /Excuse my words but you sure got nerve / That must come from your mama's side / So much for those other plans /Guess they were never meant to be / Instead I sit here and I wonder / Will you look like her or a little like me / You weren't supposed to be here / But thank God you came along /I can hardly wait to meet you /Soon I'll be singing you this song /And I'll finally get to say "welcome home"




Produced by Kenny Royster, Direct Image Recording, Nashville TN

All Songs Written By Mark Mulligan, c2012 Mulligan's Island Music (ASCAP)

Electric guitars: Jon Conley, Chris Leuzinger Acoustic Guitars: Pat McGrath Keyboards: Dennis Wage Bass: Dave Francis Drums: Dennis Holt Harmonica: Jim Hoke

CD Design: Angie Leyva



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